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About Air Purifiers

PureAiro Sentinel HEPA 550

The PureAiro Sentinel HEPA 550 is a small, lightweight design specifically manufactured to remove even the most diminutive air debris, up to 0.3 microns. The Sentinel HEPA 550 can effectively remove pet dander, mold spores, and plant spores that can potentially cause damage to your home or your family. The equipment comes fitted with a heap filter and an activated carbon filter, enabling it to draw in and capture minuscule particles. Additionally, PureAiro’s Sentinel HEPA 550 consumes less power while successfully healing the air vertically and horizontally. At its peak, the unit can produce an airflow of 550 CFM—an amount sufficient to absorb hazardous particles in the air and protect your health and well-being.

The PureAiro Sentinel HEPA 550 is powerful and effective, setting itself apart from others in the industry with its state-of-the-art quality and indispensable features that you’ll enjoy using for years to come.

Poor Air Quality in Indoor Spaces

Indoor air—including the air we live and breathe in our own homes—is typically more polluted than outdoor, fresh air. Often, harmful particles from outside have no problem penetrating our insulated homes, finding their way in without ever showing themselves out. Unwanted particles are also attracted to indoor pollution, such as smoke, dust, and chemicals that we bring inside alongside us every day.
When the air outside is worse than inside, people tend to spend most of their time indoors. We generally spend more time inside during the winter season, when cold and flu viruses are common. Nonetheless, our indoor air isn’t much better. But, with PureAiro’s air purifiers, there is a blatant and effective solution to eliminating indoor air pollutants.

Poor Air Conditions Can Cause Health Issues

Air pollution is proven to lead to several life-threatening diseases, such as cancer, vascular diseases, heart disease, and stroke. Aside from asthma and allergies, which are linked with poor air conditions, the World Health Organization published that excessive exposure to air pollutants can result in respiratory problems, including pneumonia and lung infections. Additionally, air pollution is the leading cause of 7 million premature deaths that occur globally every year.


How Do PureAiro Air Purifiers Work?

The PureAiro air purifiers use ionization to attract and trap harmful particles present in the air. As particles enter the air purifier system, they are ionized and provided with a light, positive charge. The positive charge attracts the particles to negatively charged surfaces, making it easier for an electrical field to trap and remove them.

The Active ION HEPA/Activated Carbon Filter

The design of the machine allows for exceptional airflow and meager energy costs. It has a unique Active ION HEPA/Activated Carbon Filter that provides quality air cleaning abilities alongside quiet operation. The Active ION HEPA/Activated Carbon Filters are typically preionized, allowing them to be sparser than traditional air filters. The PureAiro Carbon Filters allow clean air to flow through them freely and, in turn, return entirely free from all harmful particles. The PureAiro purifiers are less dense than traditional models, with more energy efficiency. That said, you can save money on your electric bills while simultaneously avoiding health issues. It's a no-brainer; this product is ideal for anyone looking to stay healthy without breaking the bank.

PureAiro’s Air Purifiers Remove Unpleasant Odors and Air Pollutants

Our air purifiers are built around a patented filtration system to ensure excellent air cleaning without blocking the flow of air and energy. PureAiro offers lower noise levels and simple maintenance to maximize efficiency with minimal effort on your part.
PureAiro air purifiers guarantee pollutant elimination, pet dander, exhaust fumes, and harmful gases from your home. Air purification is an effective method for improving indoor air quality by removing unwanted particles, such as dust or pollen, known for causing allergies. Endorsing a PureAiro air purifier with one of our powerful carbon filter systems also enables it to effectively eliminate odors and unpleasant smells that may build up over time from daily activities.
A company with a considerable history of restoration, at PureAiro, we guarantee our air purifiers are designed to be incredibly efficient and highly worthwhile. We also offer our valued customers ten-year warranties, in case of any problems.