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At PureAiro, our team of experts is on-hand and ready to assist with any questions or inquiries regarding our products. For additional information concerning spare parts, user manuals, and warranties, please read below. If you cannot find information on what you are searching for, please contact us directly! The PureAiro team will answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Contact Information

Questions? The PureAiro experts have the answers, and we’re always happy to help. Please reach out to our team directly so we can ensure that you are 100 percent satisfied with your PureAiro product.


Spare Parts

At the company’s customer support page, the customers can find all the information regarding Pureairo’s products. In case you do not find what you may be looking for, please ensure that you contact the company.

Spare Parts for PureAiro Air Purifiers and Dehumidifiers

At PureAiro, we offer reliable spare parts for most of our popular products. If you’ve misplaced an essential part or you find that a single piece has malfunctioned and you require a new one, we’re always available to assist in finding what you need. Please note that the availability of some of the discontinued models’ parts may, at times, be limited. Contact us directly or visit your local store for any queries regarding the spare parts of PureAiro products.


PureAiro provides downloadable PDF manuals and informational documents regarding all our products. Whether you’re searching for a parts list, a user manual, or a specification sheet, look no further than in our downloads inventory.

PureAiro’s User Manuals

Simply click on the model button at the lower part of the webpage to open a product’s user manual. To download the user manual, right-click on the needed manual and select “Save As.” Rename the file and/or select the save destination on your device. If you cannot locate your product’s user manual, please reach out to us directly for more information.

Warranties & Service

Although PureAiro guarantees satisfaction with each of our products, we also understand potential issues and other malfunctions that can come alongside technology. That said, we offer warranties on our air purifiers and dehumidifiers, so you can rest assured knowing you’re in good hands should anything go wrong.


Warranties are only offered to the product’s original buyer, and they are not transferable. In other words, your product’s warranty cannot be assigned to another person.


PureAiro Air Movers:
  • Icon PureAiro offers a 10-YEAR warranty on the polyethylene body.
  • Icon PureAiro offers a 1-YEAR warranty on labor and parts.
PureAiro Dehumidifiers:
  • Icon PureAiro offers a 5-YEAR warranty on the condenser, evaporator, and compressor.
  • Icon PureAiro offers a 3-YEAR warranty on our refrigeration circuit’s labor and parts.
  • Icon PureAiro offers a 1-YEAR warranty on labor and parts for our dehumidifiers.
PureAiro Air Scrubbers:
  • IconPureAiro offers a 10-YEAR warranty on the polyethylene body.
  • Icon PureAiro offers a 1-YEAR warranty on labor and parts.

You can read more details about our warranty program by visiting our Warranties and Service page at PureAiro.com.