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Shipping Policy

Limited Warranty for PureAiro Dehumidifiers

A product’s limited warranty is only meant for original buyers.
A product’s limited warranty is not transferable and cannot be assigned.

Self-Repair Suggestions

When the warranty is still in effect, you easily can fix small problems with your product without sending the unit to PureAiro or any of our certified repair centers. You can also ask for help from your main supplier. If your repair requires spare parts, PureAiro will cover the expenses of both the parts and shipping. Visit www.pureairo.com for self-repair instructional videos.

The PureAiro Warranty Steps

1. Once you have received your goods, visit our website at www.pureairo.com to register your product and activate its warranty. PureAiro will save your installation and purchasing information. If you neglect to submit your product’s warranty registration, the warranty period will commence on the day the product is shipped out of our warehouse. That said, you must record your product’s serial number and the date of installation. This information is required when you require the return authorization number.

2. To take advantage of your product’s warranty, contact PureAiro’s technical support team by emailing sales@alorar.com. It is also beneficial to reach out to your local technical services, to ensure that they receive the return authorization. Once you receive the authorization, bring the unit to one of our certified local repair centers. Once there, your unit will be shipped back to the PureAiro warehouse. Please be prepared to cover shipping expenses.

3. One of our skilled technicians will attend to your unit once it arrives at our warehouse. If the results show an invalid warranty claim, you will be required to pay for any repair and shipping costs. Please see the exceptions below.

4. You are free to pick up the unit once it has been repaired at your own expense. In most cases, units will undergo rigorous testing before our team authorizes them to be sent back to their owners.

5. If we find that the unit cannot be fixed while within the warranty period and the warranty claim is valid, we will ship a new unit to your preferred address within the same year of the warranty claim’s original date.

6. Once our technicians have repaired your unit, the original warranty period will remain active and continue until its deadline. Please note that the original warranty cannot be extended.

Additional Support

For inquiries regarding your product, our team of technicians is willing to inspect your unit and give you feedback within 72 hours. You will not be charged for the inspection.


1. If the unit is returned within 90 days from its purchase date, we will pay shipping costs in full, both to our warehouse and back to you.

2. If the product is returned after 90 days from the date it was purchased, the customer must meet all the shipping costs.

Limited Warranty

1-Year Warranty

The warranty is activated from the date of purchase. PureAiro warrants that the dehumidifier or air purifier will operate without defects in terms of material and workmanship, including factory labor. PureAiro will carry out any repairs and replace the malfunctioning components for free of charge (excluding the cost of transportation).

5-Year Warranty

All compressors, evaporators, and condensers from PureAiro enjoy a 5-year warranty from the original date of purchase. We guarantee the units will operate free of defects in workmanship and material. PureAiro, at its own discretion, will replace all defective parts, including labor, refrigerants, and transportation, free of charge. The limited warranty will only apply to the original buyer. It is subject to the terms and conditions expressed in the limited warranty file.

The Customer’s Responsibility

1. It is required that the customer must provide normal maintenance care to the purchased unit, including, but not limited to, cleaning the pumps, coil, and filters regularly.

2. It is the owner’s responsibility to install and remove a unit when required.

3. Customers may choose to fix the unit locally. If this is the case, we will send replacement parts to the repair center directly, where PureAiro will meet the expenses if the product is in warranty period with a valid claim.

4. If the customer finds it difficult to return the unit at one of our approved repair centers, they will bear the cost associated with the shipment.

5. Customers must shoulder the risk of loss and damage during shipment.

The Seller’s Responsibility

The seller is only liable to the extent of replacing defective components and parts, but not for the cost of labor, removing and reinstalling the unit, defective parts, refrigerant, or piping.

Limited Warranty Exclusions

Note that damages caused by the following phenomenon will not be covered under the limited warranty.

1. Acts of Nature that include but not limited to:

1. Acts of Nature
Includes but is not limited to:
Water damage
Storm damage

2. Improper Usage
Includes but is not limited to:
Misuse or tampering (whether intentional or not)
Improper installation
Lack of care
Incorrect voltage
Failure to follow and adhere to instructions and guidelines

3. Freezing

4. Corrosion

5. Freight Charges

6. Expenses Inferred by Building Codes and Laws

7. Damage to Property

8. Causes Beyond Anyone’s Control

9. Costs Incurred Due to Delay or Lost Profit

10. Consumable Parts
Includes but is not limited to:
Rubber parts
Rubber parts
Power cords
Indirect, direct, inconsequential, and collateral damages

The liabilities and warranties set herein in lieu of other warranties implied or expressed in fact, in law, including merchantability implied warranties and fitness for a particular use.

It should be borne in mind that PureAiro’s total liability shall not exceed the original product purchase price irrespective of the nature of the claim. If a unit or any component is replaced when still under warranty, the warranty cannot be extended or changed beyond the original warranty period.

The foregoing remains the total liability of the seller in case of defective performance of the equipment and services that the buyer provides. Buyers accept and agree to accept the foregoing as the exclusive remedy for any breach of warranty.