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About Dehumidification

Eliminate problematic and frustrating dampness, moisture, and mildew.
Moisture and humidity can ultimately cause damage to your home and create unnecessary and expensive sanitation needs. Often, moisture problems take root in attics, garages, basements, and bathrooms, where humidity can easily become trapped without proper ventilation. New technologies, enhanced heating methods, climates with an excessive downpour, and poor construction are among the most significant reasons we experience exceedingly high humidity levels in our relative homes.
Dampness often results in mold, which is not only damaging to your home but can also be harmful to you and your family’s physical health and wellness. Research has linked mold to asthma and several types of allergies, proving its characteristics to be hazardous to human health. When the relative humidity level rises in any space, the risk of mold forming increases alongside it.

PureAiro Dehumidifiers

PureAiro’s dehumidifiers provide a quick, easy, and effective solution to moisture-causing dampness and notorious humidity problems that often happen in the home. Our dehumidifiers are easy to use and do not require confusing installation procedures. Setting up a PureAiro dehumidifier is as simple as plugging it in. Not to mention, PureAiro’s dehumidifiers are extremely energy efficient. Our team of experts has designed our products to automatically activate only when needed, reducing your energy costs and providing reliable and safe protection against odors, moisture, mildew, and mold.

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1. The grille on one side of the machine sucks in warm, moist air.
2. An electric fan draws the air inward.
3. The warm air passes over cold pipes, through which a coolant circulates. (Note: PureAiro has simplified this part of the machine to act more like a mini air-conditioner or refrigerator, endlessly circulating coolant with a pump and compressor.) As the air cools, the air’s moisture reduces into liquid water and drips down off the pipes.
4. Now free of moisture, the air passes over the hot condenser/compressor unit and warms back up to its original temperature.
5. Warm, dry air blows back into the room through a separate grille.
6. The moisture from the air drips down into a collecting tray at the bottom of the machine.
7. A plastic float in the machine rises upward as the collecting tray fills up.
8. When the tray is full, the float trips an electric switch that turns off the fan and switches on the indicator light, telling you the machine needs emptying.

Benefits of PureAiro’s Dehumidifier Selection

  • Prevents moisture damages
  • Prevents mold from forming
  • Dries and keeps tools free from rust
  • Dries laundry quickly
  • Saves energy
  • Effectively removes unpleasant odor
  • Prevents spiders and insects from damp spaces
  • Saves on heating costs
  • Generates heat easier
  • Superior airflow
  • Dehumidifies the highest level of liters per consumed kWh
  • Thirty-day returns
  • Up to five-year warranty

The Suggested Relative Humidity: 50-60% RH

The PureAiro compressor dehumidifier is an energy-efficient method for eliminating excess moisture and unpleasant odors. A humidity level between 50 and 60 percent ensures a safer and healthier indoor environment.